Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, I finally won a tournament this year. It was last Sunday @ BFG for the 1250pt Super Hobby Sunday(Will of Chaos). I brought a "Logan Wing" build minus Logan. It consisted of a Wolf Priest, a Rune Priest, 5 Scouts, 3 PA Wolf Guard, 4 Wolf Guard in TDA(Hvy Flamer/PW, Combi-melta/PF, WCs, & TH/SS) in a DP, 5 man Wolf Guard squad (2x Combi-flamer/pw, pw/bp, 2x stormbolter) in a rhino, 2 5 man Grey Hunter(1 plasma, 1 melta) squads in Rhinos, and 5 Long Fangs with Missle Launchers. Not many troops, so the army was hard hitting but fragile.

Game 1 I played BAs, I ended up with a massacre, game 2 was against SMs and I also got a massacre, Game 3 was the toughest game of the day against Splug's foot Eldar. I managed to take out his Avatar in the first round of shooting the game was hard fought but Splug ended up conceding on turn 5. So I ended up with a 3-0 for the day and had my first victory at BFG.

I am playing in another Team tournament this Saturday, a Heavy tournament @ BFG, and Ard Boyz this month. Unfortunately, I will miss the last Will of Chaos Hobby Tournament due to work.

On the hobby front, I have some Sky Claws with Green stuffed mullethawks on the paint table and an Iron Priest/Canis conversion WIP. I am also working on some Nid drop pods......and I have started another Praetorian platoon.......oh and another Hydra turret and another Manticore turret.

Go Roll Some Dice!!!


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