Friday, October 29, 2010


I can finally play tournaments again! My work schedule has changed and I am ready to throw down some good ol' IG ass stompin'. Having said that watch me get I have 3 tournaments in the next 4 weeks. I have a hand full of models to paint to get my new list ready. So, the Praetorians will be seeing some time on the painting table....finally. But, first I have to finish some 28mm Germans for an article on BoLS.

Yesterday, I got three games in. 1500 pts of Space Puppies was the first one. I played against a Black Templar player. He was actually using the BT codex and I brought a wolf heavy list. The next game I played an Eldar list with the Praetorians. I used an 1850 list that I have been working on and my opponent brought 2000pts of space elves. The last game was a pretty epic team game. Caldera02 and I teamed up against the Eldar player and Paul the treadhead. Paul was using his IA armor company list. Corey and Paul each played 2000pts each and Caldera02 and I each brought our 1850pt lists. After the last game we all went out for breakfast and some good old fashion smack talk. We also came up with a few tweaks for my 1850 list.

Well, the tournament schedule is looking like I'll be playing here in Austin on the 6th, in the Dallas area the 13th, and then going to Killeen on the 20th. November is looking like fun already....along with overtime.....It will be a busy month.

Go Roll Some Dice!!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally Some Praetorian Love

I finally got to play some good old Praetorians tonight. It was a blast. I played a team game against Fluff Bunny Paul with his IA armored company. His partner was a new player that is playing Elysians and had a Vulture on the field. My partner was also a new player that was using Eldar. It was a lot of fun and a nice break from playing harder lists.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Recently on BoLS, The Girl wrote an article on hygiene among gamers. I was amazed at the amount of flaming that took place in the comment section. People did everything from cry stereotype to bitch about the article being worthless. There definitely is a stereotype out there of the stinky gamer. I hate to break this to you lads and lasses, the stereotype exists because it's true and there are a lot of smelly gamers out there. As to the article being worthless, I found it amusing and I hope some learn from it. Worthless? Hardly!

The Girl and I both are qualified to comment on this subject. We have both logged many hours cleaning up after smelly gamers. The Girl worked in a game store for quite a while and I owned game stores for a number of years. You would think that if gamers left that much of a mess at home that their parents would force them to live in the basement........OHHH, that's how that stereotype got started. Amazing how that works isn't it?
The next time you go to the game store take a shower, use soap and shampoo, apply deodorant, and pick up your 16 candy bar wrappers, 6 soda bottles, and numerous chip bags and throw them away in that can that the employees use for trash. Do this and see if people treat you better. You might be surprised.

Get clean, smell good, and go roll some dice!