Friday, December 24, 2010

What Gamers Do...Cheeseburger Josh Gets Tased For Christmas.

Hey gang, Crazyredpraetorian here, with some inside scoop on the crazy things gamers do when not gaming. Some play WOW, some are into other hobbies and others do even whackier getting tased.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Area 51 RTT

    Well, the bad news is I didn't win. I felt good going into the tournament. Game one I played a real cool Space Marine player. He was a great sport and we had a great game. I got max points. Game two did not go so well for me. I was up against Big Red's Death Guard. He used a Lysander list and capitalized on two rounds of bad shooting by me and took full points. It was one of those "What the hell just happened?" games. It was a fun game nonetheless. Game three was the low point of the tournament for me. I was up against a leaf blower cut and paste list. My opponent and I started to disagree on firing angles on turn one and it really was just not a fun game. Add to that some really lousy dice rolls get the picture. It ended 2-0 in favor of my opponent. The last game was against Real Genuis and was a fun game. Once again my dice started real cold but got warmer as the game went on. I got the win and had a great opponent. So over all 3 great games out of 4, not bad. I'd have liked better results but it was fun.

  A problem I had with the scoring system; They had 4 victory conditions and used 3 per game, changing up the order. I found this to be less than ideal. It just seemed like I was playing the same mission every game. I hope the TOs go to a different system for the next tournament as it could have been more fun with different missions. Overall, they did a good job, terrain was great, the schedule worked pretty smooth, and prize support looked good.
  This weekend I am going to Killeen for an 1850pt tournament there. I'm bringing the Praetorians again with a few minor tweaks......Do you smell what Crazy Red Praetorian is cooking????!!!!

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Friday, November 12, 2010


In a few hours a bunch of us will be leaving for Grapevine Tx for a tournament there. There are 50 spots and it is full with alternates in place. There are about 15 of us from Austin signed up. It should be a great time. I'm bringing the IG and will have some Battle Reps when I get back. Well, I have to get some sleep, I'm meeting up with Bushido, Big Red, Aventine, Real Genius and Mark at 5 am.......It's 12:30 now.....SHIT!!!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is the Imperial Guard Really a Push Button Win Army?

I finally got to play a tournament and won 1st place! It was my first tournament since May. I haven't used the Praetorians in a tournament in while, as I have been using Space Wolves. I haven't shot that much in quite a long time. The list I brought isn't a heavy mech list. It's more of a hybrid list specializing in breaking mech.
All three games went extremely well for me and managed 3 massacres. I seized intiative twice and one opponent elected to give me first turn. My dice were hot and my opponents were having average die rolls at best. I faced a Space Wolf Footwing army, An Abbaddon/Lash army, and a BA Dread/Lasplas army.

I'm really stoked to be able to get some tournament play in. Winning yesterday was just great way to come back to the local tournament scene. Next week, a bunch of us(about 15-20) are migrating north to Grapevine Tx for a 50 man tournament. Hopefully, my luck will hold or atleast the IG win button will still function.
Some one said, in a not so sportsman like way "It's so easy a cave man could do it." Are IG really that OP? Is it really a push button instant win army? What do you think?
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Friday, October 29, 2010


I can finally play tournaments again! My work schedule has changed and I am ready to throw down some good ol' IG ass stompin'. Having said that watch me get I have 3 tournaments in the next 4 weeks. I have a hand full of models to paint to get my new list ready. So, the Praetorians will be seeing some time on the painting table....finally. But, first I have to finish some 28mm Germans for an article on BoLS.

Yesterday, I got three games in. 1500 pts of Space Puppies was the first one. I played against a Black Templar player. He was actually using the BT codex and I brought a wolf heavy list. The next game I played an Eldar list with the Praetorians. I used an 1850 list that I have been working on and my opponent brought 2000pts of space elves. The last game was a pretty epic team game. Caldera02 and I teamed up against the Eldar player and Paul the treadhead. Paul was using his IA armor company list. Corey and Paul each played 2000pts each and Caldera02 and I each brought our 1850pt lists. After the last game we all went out for breakfast and some good old fashion smack talk. We also came up with a few tweaks for my 1850 list.

Well, the tournament schedule is looking like I'll be playing here in Austin on the 6th, in the Dallas area the 13th, and then going to Killeen on the 20th. November is looking like fun already....along with overtime.....It will be a busy month.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally Some Praetorian Love

I finally got to play some good old Praetorians tonight. It was a blast. I played a team game against Fluff Bunny Paul with his IA armored company. His partner was a new player that is playing Elysians and had a Vulture on the field. My partner was also a new player that was using Eldar. It was a lot of fun and a nice break from playing harder lists.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Recently on BoLS, The Girl wrote an article on hygiene among gamers. I was amazed at the amount of flaming that took place in the comment section. People did everything from cry stereotype to bitch about the article being worthless. There definitely is a stereotype out there of the stinky gamer. I hate to break this to you lads and lasses, the stereotype exists because it's true and there are a lot of smelly gamers out there. As to the article being worthless, I found it amusing and I hope some learn from it. Worthless? Hardly!

The Girl and I both are qualified to comment on this subject. We have both logged many hours cleaning up after smelly gamers. The Girl worked in a game store for quite a while and I owned game stores for a number of years. You would think that if gamers left that much of a mess at home that their parents would force them to live in the basement........OHHH, that's how that stereotype got started. Amazing how that works isn't it?
The next time you go to the game store take a shower, use soap and shampoo, apply deodorant, and pick up your 16 candy bar wrappers, 6 soda bottles, and numerous chip bags and throw them away in that can that the employees use for trash. Do this and see if people treat you better. You might be surprised.

Get clean, smell good, and go roll some dice!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tragedy and the Birth of a Man Cave

The Austin gaming community suffered a terrible loss this month. Our local hardcore gaming store has closed, leaving many in the Austin gaming community with a hard choice.....Where do we play? Luckily, there are other stores in the area that have game space and are trying to accomodate the community. However, these stores are diverse in their product and so attract a different crowd. No that is annoying. Hobby over Heavy.......can't we have both? This also leaves us with less tournaments per month. We will miss you Battle Forge Games......R.I.P.

Yesterday, I went to my teammate Cheeseburger Josh's house for a day of shit talking, ballbusting, and terrain building. It was a manly day of epic proportions. Josh banished his wife and kids to the bedrooms so that we could have the kitchen for a day of terrain construction. We talked 40K, drank gallons of Mountain Dew Throwback(with real sugar!!!) and ate a couple of tons of Taco Bell....Oh, and talked a bunch of shit at each other. It's amazing how brutal the insults can get with 5 guys in the same room.

The reason for the terrain building day was Josh now has his own man cave! It is not attached to the house and has room for two 4x6 tables. We did get in one 2000pt game and the setup worked really well. We have decided to play at his place a few nights a month. That way we can cuss and trash talk as much as we want without offending the soccer moms, D&D players and dirty card flippers....and we will still make appearances at the local shops to get fresh opponents and play tournaments.

I'll get some pictures of the terrain next week....and maybe even a battle report.

Go roll Some Dice.


Monday, August 2, 2010


I didn't get to roll a single damn die at WarGamesCon. My plan to be there for open gaming fell through due to a schedule change at work. I did get to stop by on Sunday to meet a few people, including Brent from Strictly Average and Tasty Taste from Blood of Kittens. I also ran into some opponents from last year, it was good to see them again. I really wish I could have competed but it just wasn't in the cards.

A couple of my teamates and regular opponents did pretty well, coming up just a tad short.
Finishing just short of the prizes is quite a disappointment, I know it happened to me last year. You'll get the win next time guys.
WarGamesCon appeared to be an even bigger success than last year and I am looking forward to being there ALL weekend next year. Congratulations Jwolf and crew, y'all did an awesome job.
I've got to get ready for work.....crap!!!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tournament Pics From 5-15 or Man Am I Behind

Here are some pics from the hobby tournament at BattleForge Games back in May. The first round I played Adam's Chaos army. Adam is always alot of fun to play win or lose. Fortunately, the SWs pulled the win here.
2nd round I pulled one of my regular opponents and occasional teammate, Chris. His Nids are always tough and he got the win....this time. *flips Chris off*

The last round I played Kingsley's great looking Mantis Warriors. We ended up in a draw, thanks to some smart play by Kingsley.
As always the BFG Hobby Tournament was a lot of fun. Turnout was a little light with only about 22 players. Good times, though!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bol...errr WarGameCon 2010

Well, I am looking forward to the biggest weekend of wargaming in Austin. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in the Team Tournament or the 2 day Tournament due to work. However, I do plan on being there Friday evening and all day Saturday for some open gaming and heavy beer swilling. I will have the III Praetorian Rifles on hand as well as my Space Wolves. My goal is to get as many games in as I can and drink as much beer as is humanly possible. So, if you're planning on being at WarGameCon and have time for a game, shoot me an email and let's get a game in or grab a beer or six.
I know this year is going to be even better than last year and I really wish I was going to be able to compete this year. So, I really envy all of you that can participate. I know you are in for the most fun and toughest tournament of the year. Y'all have fun and if you spot me at the Con be sure and come by and introduce yourself.
I've got to get back to painting.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, I finally won a tournament this year. It was last Sunday @ BFG for the 1250pt Super Hobby Sunday(Will of Chaos). I brought a "Logan Wing" build minus Logan. It consisted of a Wolf Priest, a Rune Priest, 5 Scouts, 3 PA Wolf Guard, 4 Wolf Guard in TDA(Hvy Flamer/PW, Combi-melta/PF, WCs, & TH/SS) in a DP, 5 man Wolf Guard squad (2x Combi-flamer/pw, pw/bp, 2x stormbolter) in a rhino, 2 5 man Grey Hunter(1 plasma, 1 melta) squads in Rhinos, and 5 Long Fangs with Missle Launchers. Not many troops, so the army was hard hitting but fragile.

Game 1 I played BAs, I ended up with a massacre, game 2 was against SMs and I also got a massacre, Game 3 was the toughest game of the day against Splug's foot Eldar. I managed to take out his Avatar in the first round of shooting the game was hard fought but Splug ended up conceding on turn 5. So I ended up with a 3-0 for the day and had my first victory at BFG.

I am playing in another Team tournament this Saturday, a Heavy tournament @ BFG, and Ard Boyz this month. Unfortunately, I will miss the last Will of Chaos Hobby Tournament due to work.

On the hobby front, I have some Sky Claws with Green stuffed mullethawks on the paint table and an Iron Priest/Canis conversion WIP. I am also working on some Nid drop pods......and I have started another Praetorian platoon.......oh and another Hydra turret and another Manticore turret.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


First of all, I have not used this kit....yet. However, after seeing DeSnifter's conversion on BoLS, I really wanted to do some preheresy Rhinos to go with my preheresy Space Wolves. I really hate plasticard...and it hates me. So, this conversion was not going to work for me. I went ahead and did some Mk II's with wolf pelts and thought I was done. Until I saw this conversion kit by Chapter House Studios ( . The kit appears to be very straight forward and judging from other Chapter House products that I have seen, the quality should be great. I am now determined to have some MkIs for the Wolves. At a cost of $16.50, it will save plenty of cussin' and blood.
On a related note, Chapter House also makes some cool MkI shoulder pads. The also have some new preheresy jump packs that are cooler than hell. Go check them out
What do you think about these products? Would you like to see more Preheresy bits and kits?
Now go roll some dice!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


My plan was to go to Adepticon this year. However, life does happen. Last week, I was hired to work at Dell computers. So, my dreams of conquest at Adepticon will have to be postponed while I pursue finacial security. I was really looking forward to the trip as there are atleast 20 locals going to the event. I'd like to wish my teammates and all the other Minions/BoLS players much good fortune in all the events. I hope y'all kick ass and have fun.

Even though, I won't be able to attend, I will be there in spirit and 2 of my armies will be there, as well. The III Praetorian Rifles and my Space Wolf armies will both be used in the team tournament. So, if you're at Adepticon and happen to see my armies and have any questions or comments about conversions, feel free to leave a comment here on my blog.
I have played quite a few tournaments lately. That is partly to blame for me not writing a blog for a while. One tournament in particular was a real downer due to some flat out cheating. It really left a bad taste in my mouth. In my world 22 is always more than 18 but, I will write more on this later. Despite the one bad tournament I have been involved in a some really good tournaments, lately.

We had a 2500pt Hobby tournament that was fun, I was able to use 2 squads of Ogryn, a 1250pt Super Hobby tournament that was an absolute blast, A 2500pt Hobby Team tournament, my partner and I went to table 1 for the last game and got beat by Jwolf and Goatboy, and a 2000pt Heavy tournament that was pretty intense. I got to table 3 in that one but, pulled a draw against Colby Anger(BoLScon 2009 best general) and got knocked out of placing. The turnouts at BFG have been really outstanding lately(30+) and one tournament they actually had to turn a player away. Also, I have been playing in an escalation league. We are up to 1250pt, so far. The Space Wolves are coming along and I look forward to getting the whole army done.

If you're going to Adepticon, have fun. If not, are you planning to be at any other GT level event? Hopefully, I'll see you at BoLScon 2010!

Now, get out there and roll some dice!


Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, since my last blog, I have played in three tournaments. For those of you wondering, I did make my deadline for the tournament in Killeen. I am extremely happy with my display board. It is light and a compact enough not to cause problems in cramped quarters, a major problem with my last display board. I'll get some pics up soon. Unfortunately, I am under another deadline. How the hell does this keep happening?

Tomorrow, there is a Heavy tournament at Battle Forge Games, the local hot spot for 40K. The best in Austin will be bringing there hardest lists to fight it out for the plastic. I have decided to run a different list and I have to assemble and paint a Chimera, it's still on the sprue...and yes, ANOTHER Chimera! I also, need to get three gun servitors painted and possibly three special weapons troopers. I'm still not sure about the last three. I have about twenty-one hours to get this done....if I don't sleep....and I'm writing this blog....AWESOME!

The Killeen tournament didn't go too well for me, I got 2 minor wins and a draw and ended up in 6th. However, I did get the highest appearance scores and my buddies got 1st, best sportsman, and tied for best best sportman(tie breaker was victory points). The first week in January, I played in a team tournament at Dragon's Lair in Austin. It was a random pairs tournament, 1500pts per player. It turns out that there were 5 teams and 4 of those teams had newbies, newbie with Necrons and Tau. My newbie was a young man with a Necron list. We managed to get third place and took home some swag. It was alot fun. Last weekend, a buddy of mine and I went to San Antonio to play in a tournament there. The system for pairings was a little different. I'm still trying to figure out how the guy that won was able to pick his tables for the last two games and he played the guy in 8th place for the final game..........strange. Ah well, it was fun and I had three great games, finished just out of the prizes though.
I've got to go paint, paint, paint. Have fun and...
Go roll some dice!