Friday, November 19, 2010

Area 51 RTT

    Well, the bad news is I didn't win. I felt good going into the tournament. Game one I played a real cool Space Marine player. He was a great sport and we had a great game. I got max points. Game two did not go so well for me. I was up against Big Red's Death Guard. He used a Lysander list and capitalized on two rounds of bad shooting by me and took full points. It was one of those "What the hell just happened?" games. It was a fun game nonetheless. Game three was the low point of the tournament for me. I was up against a leaf blower cut and paste list. My opponent and I started to disagree on firing angles on turn one and it really was just not a fun game. Add to that some really lousy dice rolls get the picture. It ended 2-0 in favor of my opponent. The last game was against Real Genuis and was a fun game. Once again my dice started real cold but got warmer as the game went on. I got the win and had a great opponent. So over all 3 great games out of 4, not bad. I'd have liked better results but it was fun.

  A problem I had with the scoring system; They had 4 victory conditions and used 3 per game, changing up the order. I found this to be less than ideal. It just seemed like I was playing the same mission every game. I hope the TOs go to a different system for the next tournament as it could have been more fun with different missions. Overall, they did a good job, terrain was great, the schedule worked pretty smooth, and prize support looked good.
  This weekend I am going to Killeen for an 1850pt tournament there. I'm bringing the Praetorians again with a few minor tweaks......Do you smell what Crazy Red Praetorian is cooking????!!!!

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Friday, November 12, 2010


In a few hours a bunch of us will be leaving for Grapevine Tx for a tournament there. There are 50 spots and it is full with alternates in place. There are about 15 of us from Austin signed up. It should be a great time. I'm bringing the IG and will have some Battle Reps when I get back. Well, I have to get some sleep, I'm meeting up with Bushido, Big Red, Aventine, Real Genius and Mark at 5 am.......It's 12:30 now.....SHIT!!!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is the Imperial Guard Really a Push Button Win Army?

I finally got to play a tournament and won 1st place! It was my first tournament since May. I haven't used the Praetorians in a tournament in while, as I have been using Space Wolves. I haven't shot that much in quite a long time. The list I brought isn't a heavy mech list. It's more of a hybrid list specializing in breaking mech.
All three games went extremely well for me and managed 3 massacres. I seized intiative twice and one opponent elected to give me first turn. My dice were hot and my opponents were having average die rolls at best. I faced a Space Wolf Footwing army, An Abbaddon/Lash army, and a BA Dread/Lasplas army.

I'm really stoked to be able to get some tournament play in. Winning yesterday was just great way to come back to the local tournament scene. Next week, a bunch of us(about 15-20) are migrating north to Grapevine Tx for a 50 man tournament. Hopefully, my luck will hold or atleast the IG win button will still function.
Some one said, in a not so sportsman like way "It's so easy a cave man could do it." Are IG really that OP? Is it really a push button instant win army? What do you think?
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