Friday, December 23, 2011

Adepticon: Here We Come!

  Hey guys and gals, I am fired up about Adepticon 2012! Last night my teammates CrusherJoe, TheGirl, BigRed and I were bouncing ideas back and forth for the Team Tournament. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I'm signed up for the championship tournament, as well. I think I am bringing Space Wolves as they will be easier to transport. No lag wagon this year to carry armies...DAMMIT! The IG army is just too bulky to transport on the plane.

  My 13 year old son is playing in the Young Bloods Tournament. He is really excited about this event and wants to get his Necrons perfected for the tournament. Back to Christmas shopping!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Down to the Wire.......Again.

  Well, it's 130am and I have just completed models for tomorrow's Team Tournament. Why do I do this every damn tournament? I am playing 1500 pts of Space Wolf goodness and Crusher Joe is Bringing GKs. It should be fun. I've got to get some sleep.....really.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Necron Monolith.....New Ability. Deadlier Than Ever?

 I was just looking through the info on GWs website on the first wave of Necron releases. My son plays Necrons and we are planning some purchases to update his army. Anyway, I noticed this tidbit of info that I haven't seen any mention of before. The last sentence inparticular is what I'm referring to.

     The Monolith has long been a much-feared opponent, and now it's deadlier than ever. Whilst it's tempting to deploy the Monolith at the start of the game, it's almost always wiser to keep it in reserve - that way you can Deep Strike it onto an enemy-held objective. Once the Monolith has scoured the foe from the immediate area (try and eliminate melta weapons first - they can be a real problem) you can then use its eternity gate to teleport in a suitable scoring unit and take the objective for yourself. When the enemy counter attacks, simply switch the eternity gate into its portal of exile mode, and suck the primitives to their doom!

   This could be interesting...

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Killeen 1750pt Hobby Tournament. "Hobby" Done Right!

  Last month was a full month. The first weekend was the tournament at Dragon's Lair, finished 6th with a Space Wolf  foot list(only one Long Fang Squad). I played Stoney Chavez's RazorBurn list and missed a draw by two inches. Stoney ended up winning the Overall. However, I did get Best Appearance and I was pretty stoked about that.

  We went to The Raihead Rumble at A-Kon in Dallas, it was put on by the Heroic28s. It was a fun event and was a people watching experience. It was fun but my results weren't, I went 1-3 day one and 1-1-1 day two. I had hoped to do better, my list was just not prepared for the mass firepower that I encountered....and my dice didn't help. It was comical, really. But, a good time was had and I plan on attending next year.

  We had a BBQ/WarGamesTerrain Day at Darkwynn's and built a bunch of hills and did a lot of dry brushing. Some of the guys got a game in but I was busy painting. It was a fun productive day and I had fun calling Goatboy(he hates it. So, if you see him call him Darkwynn,) Darkwynn all day.

  Finally, we went to Battlefield Games in Killeen for a 1750pt Hobby Tournament. Thay had a cool "comp" system that eliminated a lot of BS. Sure, there were some loop holes but it is the best system I have seen recently. The above video was shot on our trip home. Please, forgive my spotty dialogue, I was too tired to talk....Really. If y'all are ever in Killeen stop into Battlefield and say Hi to Will and Dee, the owner. They are really good people and run a great store. Below is a copy of the Comp Guidelines.

Remember these will only effect your comp score, NOT make your list illegal.

Armies begin with 30 points. Deduct points as explained (round all percentages up).

Troops – At least 35% of the army must be composed of units taken as troops. For every 2% less than 35%, deduct 1 point.

Non-Troops – No more than 25% in any single category other than troops. For every 1% more than 25%, deduct 1 point.

Pricey Bits – No single model more than 12%, no units more than 23%. For every unit in violation, deduct 3 points. Tyranids receive 1 exemption.

Duplication – No more than 2 of any single choice in HQ, Elite, Fast, or Heavy. No more than 3 of any single choice in Troops. Necrons and Sisters of Battle ignore this rule with their current codices. For each violation, deduct 3 points.

Special Characters – No more than one special character. For each violation deduct 30 points.

Army List – Army list must list each units war gear/upgrades along with costs (separated from total unit cost), number of units per selection, total number of models, and a breakdown of points and choices by selection as well as choices and points spent per category. Five copies of the army list are needed for the tournament – 1 for the judges, 3 for your opponents, and one for yourself. Players that ask for copies to be printed at the store prior to the tournament will receive -5 points.

Model Count – Divide the tournament points by 15. Any army that exceeds this value will receive -1 point per every 10 models (round up).

What do y'all think?
Thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Is A Busy Month For Tournaments

 This month is going to be crazy. This weekend is the monthly tournament at Dragon's Lair, a 2000pts no holds barred Austin cheese fest. The competition is bound to be fierce. The following weekend is an all weekend roadtrip to Dallas for the Rail Head Rumble at A-Con. I'm really looking forward to this event and it promises to be a knockdown drag out. There will definitely be some hard as nails lists there and a bunch of us from Austin are attending. The third weekend is a WarGamesCon terrain  prep party. And then the 4th weekend of the month a few of the Austin crew are headed to Killeen to BattleField Games to play in their 1750pt Hobby event. It should be a lot of fun.

 Then in July we have another DL event followed by the Texas event of the year WARGAMESCON! Oh yeah! Now back to the painting table to finish my first "Finecast" mini....more on that soon.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Akamo 40K GT and local Team Event

   Two weeks ago, I played in a team tournament with my pal CrusherJoe. We teamed 1500 pts of IG with 1500 pts of Grey Knights. We didn't win but we had a great time with three great games. We went 1-1-1 for the day. CrusherJoe and I are also teaming up for BoLScon....I mean WarGamesCon this year. I am really looking forward to that event. I do love me some team events!

  Last weekend, I made the trip south to San Antonio with StoneyChavez(Thanks for driving, man), Splug, Caldera02, and Cheeseburger. We left Friday so that we could get registered early and get some sleep before the tournament. The Alamo 40K GT was a blast! There was a great turn out with over 60 participants and BEER!

  Game One, I played Brad with his Eldar and ended up taking a loss right out of the gate. Brad has a great looking Eldar force and I just could not damage his skimmers...and when I would, he made his saving throws.

  Game Two was against John and his Dark Eldar. I went first, and John failed to steal the initiative, my dice were hot and a lot of vehicles went down. The drinking started and I got the win.

  Game Three was against Kevin and his Necron Destroyer list. He deployed in one corner and shot me the first turn, turn two all of my reserves came in outflanking and with help from the Astropath they all came in on the right side. The Necrons took a lot of losses in turn two and from there it was pretty much just a count down to phase out. Kevin fought a good fight and tried to stay in the fight but the odds were against him .

End of day one: I had three great games with equally great opponents. 2-1

  Game Four, against JWolf's IG. Crap! I made some deployment errors and when you play the Wolf mistakes will not be tolerated...He smoked me. Although, until the end I had a slim chance to make it draw. Rolling ones on terrain tests is a BAD thing.

Game Five was against another Austin player Bushido Red Panda. He was playing his Deathwing list and it is hard as nails. We had a great game but in the end I just could not kill enough termies.

End of day two: I had two more great games. I made it through a GT without running into "that guy". The Alamo 40K GT was a ton of fun and I plan on returning next year. 2-3

   I did get to witness the drama on table one. I am staying out that discussion. However, I will say that the Raiders as Venoms was complete bullshit. Eveyone that I play against that has Venoms in their army has expended great time, expense, and effort to convert their venoms to something approximating the description in the DE codex. You would think a veteran GT player would do the same.

Y'all take care!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Henchmen Build Continues

Thanks to Real Genius for the photo.

I have to admit, I have been bitten by the "New Codex" bug. Lately, all of my hobby efforts have been going into the Grey Knightless army. I have just had a ton of fun with these models. I'm working on a second DK, stormbolter equipped "Praetorians"(Cadians w/ Secret Weapon heads sculpted by the one and only Col. Gravis.) Also, I have went the "counts-as" route for Death Cult Assassins, I'm using slightly modified Wyches and I am converting Arco Flagellants using Ghouls. Saturday, I got a little distracted from the Henchmen when I started what I hope will be a cool conversion for my Tech Marine.

  On the tournament front, I have a team event to play in the first weekend of the month and the Alamo GT is next month as well....and possibly another tourney as well. So, May looks like a busy month. Y'all take care!

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

WIP Praetorian (Dread) Knight For my Grey Knight(less) Army

I went with a super shooty build on this Praetorian Knight. The next one will have the Incinerator.
   Well, I just about finished with my Praetorian (Dread) Knight. I still need to do some work on the black, apply another wash and highlight and I will be done with the first one. I plan on doing atleast one more.
Still a WIP but getting close.
I can't wait to get my Grey Knight(less) army on the table top.
    I'm really excited about the new GK codex. This is my first "new" army in 5 years and I am enjoying the prospect of a new army to play with. When I looked at the preview codex, I started thinking about an all henchman build but, I wanted to use the DK model. The it hit me....use a sentinel with a Praetorian driver! This really is a ton of FUN! Thanks to Frank for taking the pics!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grey Knight Termies and Other Hobby Tidbits

Hey everyone, just a quick hobby update. Lately, I have been working on conversions for my Grey Knight(less) army. I also painted the termies pictured here. They were out of the Black Box and were done for display. I didn't do any basing because they were to be given away after the Codex was released. I liked the kits a lot. However, I am proceeding with my planned Henchman build. The Praetorian Knight is about 70% finished. I hope to finish it tomorrow and get some pics taken Thursday night.

I played in a local 1500pt RTT this weekend. It was a brutal day for my dice. I had 3 great games, 2 I had the worst dice on the planet and 1 game got ALL the dice love. But all 3 games were a blast. Pictured below is the army that I played Saturday.

2 Wolf Lords on TWMs
15 Fenrisian Wolves
3 TWC, TH/SS, SS, nada
8x GHs with plasma, banner, MoTW,  power weapon in a rhino
7x GHs with melta, banner, MoTW, in a rhino
5x GHs with melta
6x Long Fangs with 5 missle launchers

I've got to get some sleep
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hobby Update and March Mosh Pit RTT Results

  Well since my last post I have done quite a bit. Last week, I did some fine tuning on my display board, modeled and painted a long fang, and did a weapon swap on my Wolf Lord on TWM. Of course this was all done Friday night prior to a tournament. So, I was up until 2:30AM and then got a few hours sleep before getting up @6:00AM to make the tournament. This week, I have been painting up the display Grey Knight Terminators for Dragon's Lair. I really like the models. They have some nice detail and were fun to paint. Unfortunately, I don't have pics....yet. I went with the standard Bolt Gun base coat, lots of Shining Gold and Mithril Silver bling and some Blood Red and Skull White touches for shoulder pads etc. I followed this up with a liberal Baddab Black wash (AKA Talent In A Jar). I think the BB muted the Bolt Gun nicely and I am happy with the results. I hope to get some pics next week. Today, I am cleaning up and assembling some DE Wyches to be used as Death Cult Assassins. I need to find or convert some heads and weapons for them, as well. Also, I need to get two more blogs written today.

  On to the March Mosh Pit, with very little sleep Caldera02, Real Genius and I all made the hour + drive to Killeen to play in Battlefield Games' 2000pt Hobby tournament. They had a new comp system that was an improvement over the old one. It wasn't perfect but did prohibit some nasty combos. It did let a few in such as my Creed list. However, I did not bring it as that would not be in keeping with the spirit of the event. So, I took my all foot(with the exception of one Drop Pod) Space Wolves. My first opponent was a a great sport playing Ravenwing. He is a fairly new player and I have played against him before. I ended up with a Massacre. My opponent was very gracious and was a joy to play. It always fun to play against an opponent that has fun win or lose. He was my vote for Best Sportsman.

My second game was also against some one that I had played before. He was running a newly painted Chaos force that looked really nice. We met in the middle and bashed each over the head. I thought I was going to lose but we were using Victory Points and it turned out to be a draw, thanks to my Blood Claws.

Game 3 was against a Blood Angel player. We met in the middle and bashed each other over the head, as well. But, my opponent's dice hated him and I ended up with another Massacre.

  Real Genius ended up getting Best Sportsman, Caldera02 got Best General, and I brought home the Overall. As always, it was well worth the trip to Killeen. The folks at Battlefield put on a great event. Now, I need to get ready for this Saturday's 1500pt tournament at DL. Most of the Austin crew will be at Adepticon and the Killeen boys are coming to Austin for revenge. I'm looking forward to it!

Y'all take care and...

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jumping On The Band Wagon: Grey Knights

 Hi guys, this week I actually got more hobby time than planned. I didn't have to work as much as I thought I would. Hobby-wise, I cleaned up some Eldar for the Memorial Army for The Girl, played a few games, put togehter some Black Box Grey Knight Terminators and attended a local tournament. The tournament was at Wonko's. They have a lot of new players at Wonko's and the atmosphere is a lot more laid back back than the competitive scene that I'm used to. Unfortunately, I arrived too late to play. But, was asked to help a few new players through their games. It was fun and a nice change of pace. While I was there, Goatboy, Mrs. Goatboy and Darkwynn stopped by to pick up on some old Grey Knight models. We talked about the Black Box models a bit and the new GK codex in general. A lot of people in the area are starting or going back to GK armies. It should be interesting.

  I've been extremely lucky the last couple of years. I played IG and SWs before and their new codexes have been killer. Now, I am wanting to do a new army and the GKs are calling. I'm thinking about doing a non-GK army(AKA Henchman build) that will incorporate the Praetorian theme. The conversion potential is enormous and I think this will be a fun army to build and paint. I need to spend some more time with the codex. Some units I am considering are Death Cult Assassins, Crusaders, Warriors, and Banishers mixed for assault and a mix of Psykers, Servitors, Joekero, and Warriors for shooting. I also love the Dread Knight but, am thinking of kitbashing it with a sentinel to give it a Praetorian driver. These are just initial thoughts and I plan on spending some time this week going over the codex to get a better idea of exactly what build I want to start with. Overall, I am excited with the idea of building a new army.

  How many of you are planning a GK build? What build are you going to use?

Y'all take care,...and
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dragon's Lair RTT, New Banners, and Game Night

 Well, I'm finally doing an update to the ol' blog. I've been sick the last few weeks. So, not a lot has been going on. I played in an 1850pt RTT Saturday. I went 1-1-1 and ended up in 5th overall. My first game was a 13-14 loss against a DoA list. He had about 9 kill points in 4 units but, I couldn't get him tabled and that's what I needed for the win.

  My second game was against Frank and his Chaos list. It was a bloody blood for the Blood God game. I managed to get the win on the last shot of the game. As always it was a pleasure playing Frank. He took the 2 pics above.

  My third game was against Little Will and his BA biker list. We ended up drawing on the primary. It's always a pleasure to play LW. He cracks me up.

  On the hobby front, I've finished 15 Blood Claws, put these nifty new banners(made by my buddy Crusher Joe)on the Praetorians, and started some Howling Banshees for The Girl's Memorial Eldar Army. I hope to have some pics of them next week. The above photo was shot by Real Genius last week during a game with Caldera02 and the shot below was taken during an epic game between Jwolf and I.

   I'm probably not going to get many games in this week due to work. But next Saturday, I am playing in an RTT in Killeen. It's a "hobby" event with a different comp system. We'll see how it works. Y'all take care!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hobby Is Dead...Again.

   Yesterday, I played in a 2500pt "hobby" tournament. Sadly, the hobby aspect of it was missed by quite a few. There were several there that brought their normal tournament lists with stuff added. Yep, that's a nice change. It was just another heavy tournament in disguise. What kind of "hobby" tournament discards the appearance scores that are already in place for the "heavy" tournament.Maybe I'm confused here but, how does that add to the "hobby" aspect of the game? It was just an exercise in clubbing baby seals and nerfed lists. To be honest it was not much fun.

   My first game WAS fun, we had a challenging fun game that came down to me losing by 1 objective due to a re rolled moral check. You can't ask for better than that. My second game my opponent shot the bejeezus out of me as I ran across the board on difficult terrain. The whole board was difficult terrain. I was playing a foot/cavalry SW list and he was playing Las/Plas spam w/ Calgar. He shot me up for 4 turns. I finally reached his lines with a much diminished army and he conceded after one round of combat....I got full points but didn't get a full game.  The last game was an exercise in rolling dice and arguing. I'm not sure how it was scored because I packed up and left during the final argument. Again, not the way I wanted to spend my day.

   Later, I met some of the guys at the chicken store for a meal and we discussed the tournament AKA had a bitch and beer session. We all agreed a better tournament could be ran but differed on opinions on how to enforce the rules on the "Hobby" crowd. I favored just turning them away/giving their opponent full points if their lists were abusive. The other more popular way was special missions that hurt certain builds. The problem with that is that system can be "gamed". Is hobby dead?...Maybe.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sometimes Plan B Isn't A Good Plan

Before the start of the tournament.
   Well, Saturday was another tournament at Dragon's Lair. It was 1850pts. I almost brought the IG. But, I had been working on some new SW units and a new display board. So I went with the SWs, even though I didn't get the units finished that I really wanted to bring and that was where plan B went awry. I took the units that I had painted, some not 100%. It was a mess of a list as far as competitive play goes but, it was FUN! I went 1-2 for the day and but for a bit of bad luck I would have done better.
Land Raider Redeemer and Wolf Guard, yes they need shoulder pads.
   Game 1 was a against a Tau player named Matt. It was a fun game and Matt's Tau gave the SWs a bloody nose but could not stop them. I ended up with 40 of 44 points.
New Wolf Lord on Thunder Wolf by Mythicast
   Game 2 was against Stoney Chavez and his CSM. He runs Lash, DG, Oblits, etc. I immobilized my LRR on turn 1, the scouts came in on the only side that I DIDN'T want them. Like I said luck was not with me.....and I forgot to move/assault with my LoneWolf that turn and he was then killed by the Oblits. Definitely not my best game. But it did come down to the wire. Stoney managed to pull me off two objecives into assault, one that I didn't quite kill enough in and also killed my squad contesting another objective. This gave him 3 to 0 and a score of 33-10
New display board with skulls!
 Game 3 I played a new player that was playing BA. They were really nicely painted and he was a nice young man. Once again I immobilized the LRR on first turn. This game was a knock down drag out with not much left at the end of the game. He ended up with 1 objective to my 0 and the game scored 22-17. It was a great game with a new player and was a lot of fun. Thanks to Frank for taking pics of the event!

  Once again, Dragon's Lair put on a great tournament. There were 26 players and I think 2 were turned away. So a great turn out. There is another tournament this weekend at DL with a push towards hobby(although, I seriously doubt there will be many hobby armies there.) They are limiting Heavy Support to 2 with an advantage(1 re roll per turn) to those that don't use Heavies at all, even as dedicated transports and 4 slots for Fast Attack. It should be interesting. I've got to get back to painting....

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Models and Victory At A Local Tourney

   Hi everyone, last week I finished up a Vendetta and did some crunch time modeling Friday. Friday, I attained one of the new Hellhound kits, it's a sweet kit. I wanted to use it Saturday at the 2000 pt tourney in Killeen. So, I was modeling until 3am....again. We had to leave early to make the drive. I met up with the Caldera02, Cheeseburger Josh, and StoneyChavez at 7:30 am, I was there at 7am. We made the drive with no problems, getting there early enough for a trip to Jack in the Box for breakfast.

  When we arrived, I saw Will the owner of Battlefield Games in Killeen, TX. Will just rotated back from deployment and it was great to see him back. The tourney maxed out at 20 and started promptly as always. My first opponent was Joe G with his vanilla SM Razorspam army. Now, Joe and I had a game that wasn't the most pleasant last month. But, we had a great game and I managed to get a major victory.

   When we returned from lunch, I had to play Cheeseburger Josh and his 6 dread/Meph/razorspam list. The mission was a little wonky giving 100VP per turn to each player for holding an objective. Josh got  800pts for objectives to my 100pts. However, he only had 4 or 5 models on the table at the end of the game. So, we ended up with a draw but I got max bonus points and CBJ got none.

  The last round I played Robert Z and his Salamanders. We have played quite a few times and we always have good games. I went first and got a serious alpha strike. RZ never really recovered but he was a great sport about it and played hard to the last marine. I got max points for that game.

  Battlefield Games does things a little different and gives out trophies instead of plastic, it's a nice change of pace. I ended up getting Best Overall(BPs/Paint/Sportsmanship), Caldera02 got best general getting 7 more BPs than me, and a Necron player named Chris got Best Sportsman. The Tourney was a lot of fun and was really well run. Sorry for the lack of pics, I forgot my camera...again!

  This weekend I am playing in an 1850 pt tourney at Dragon's Lair here in Austin. I expect fierce competition and we should have 26 or so players. I'm trying to get my SWs ready but if not I will break out the Praetorians again.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing Goatboy Tomorrow, What Should I Bring

 Tomorrow, I am playing Goatboy and I am trying to decide what to bring. I know I'm bring IG. I was thinking about an Ogryn list. But, it is GB and his spamtastic self. Should I make him cry or just die? It's for a BoLS BATREP. So, suggestions anyone? We're playing 1850pts. And remember....

This Saturday, I am going to Killeen for another tournament. Cheezeburger, Stoney Chavez, and Hogleg are going, too. I'm running a variation of my Creed list, it's pretty hard hitting. This one is 2000pts Destruction format. It should be fun. I'll have a report next week.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Things Painted

   Sometimes it is tough to get things painted. Life gets in the way, motivation is tough to come by, and if you're lucky, you're gaming too much. Lately for me, it has been a little of all three. Well, I started a LRC for my SWs last week and it is 90% finished......AND I have a Vendetta about half finished. I paint as I assemble. So, it is slow going.

   I plan on having the Vendetta ready for a tourney next weekend. I also have some custom flags done for my flag bearers for each squad of Praetorians. I think the flags will be a nice touch. I'll try to get some new pics for next time. Gotta go paint!!!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recent Tournament Results and Hobby Doings.

  Well, it's been a while since my last update. My results using my Creed/Kell list have been less than stellar, lately. I've been getting into the top 10, I just can't seem to get back up to the top 3. In December, I played at Dragon's Lair, the tournament had 24 players. I lost the first game, massacred my second opponent, and played the super Ninja Master Jwolf in the final on table 4. The last game was hard fought with Jwolf getting the victory placing him in 4th. Prize support was given out to the top 6.

  I finished in the top 10, in Killeen. I played one of the guys that I rode up there with for the first game. He was playing Loganwing and got he win. Next I played a full Mech IG player and got the win. The third round I played a Space Marine player and got a massacre.

  Two weeks ago, I played at DL again. My worst showing in a while with 2 minor losses and a massacre. Thanks to DL's paint scoring I managed to break into the top 10.

   I know the list works, and works well.....most of the time. I think my laid back play style is really hurting my results. I know it did at the last tournament.

  I recently, got a deal on a pair of Basilisks and plan to convert them into Medusas. I also have a Vendetta and a pair of Chimeras to assemble and paint and...and troops more troops....and then there are the Space Wolves that need finishing....and I just emailed a guy about 4 more Rhinos. The insanity never stops...I might have to stop hanging out with Goatboy. The bastard makes me want to start new armies.

   I also, have a set of 28mm Celts to do a report on and I am currently reading a Black Library release for BoLS...It has something very cool in it.....and then there is the Island of Misfit Toys Campaign. That should be fun. How's the hobby treating you?

Go Roll Some Dice!!!