Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recent Tournament Results and Hobby Doings.

  Well, it's been a while since my last update. My results using my Creed/Kell list have been less than stellar, lately. I've been getting into the top 10, I just can't seem to get back up to the top 3. In December, I played at Dragon's Lair, the tournament had 24 players. I lost the first game, massacred my second opponent, and played the super Ninja Master Jwolf in the final on table 4. The last game was hard fought with Jwolf getting the victory placing him in 4th. Prize support was given out to the top 6.

  I finished in the top 10, in Killeen. I played one of the guys that I rode up there with for the first game. He was playing Loganwing and got he win. Next I played a full Mech IG player and got the win. The third round I played a Space Marine player and got a massacre.

  Two weeks ago, I played at DL again. My worst showing in a while with 2 minor losses and a massacre. Thanks to DL's paint scoring I managed to break into the top 10.

   I know the list works, and works well.....most of the time. I think my laid back play style is really hurting my results. I know it did at the last tournament.

  I recently, got a deal on a pair of Basilisks and plan to convert them into Medusas. I also have a Vendetta and a pair of Chimeras to assemble and paint and...and troops more troops....and then there are the Space Wolves that need finishing....and I just emailed a guy about 4 more Rhinos. The insanity never stops...I might have to stop hanging out with Goatboy. The bastard makes me want to start new armies.

   I also, have a set of 28mm Celts to do a report on and I am currently reading a Black Library release for BoLS...It has something very cool in it.....and then there is the Island of Misfit Toys Campaign. That should be fun. How's the hobby treating you?

Go Roll Some Dice!!! 

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Xaereth said...

Lol, I know what you mean about the painting craziness never ending. Right now I'm working on Blood Angels, Wolves, Dark Elves, and Cryx (warmachine). Not to mention 4000 points of Orks for Adepticon, heh.

Bummer about the tournament results. Wish I had more to say than simply 'keep playing'. Everyone hits slumps, and you'll eventually dig yourself out of it, I'm sure! And if you don't- then you'll realize you need to change the list up a little bit and you'll be back to your winning ways :-p

Will you be going to Adepticon?