Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jumping On The Band Wagon: Grey Knights

 Hi guys, this week I actually got more hobby time than planned. I didn't have to work as much as I thought I would. Hobby-wise, I cleaned up some Eldar for the Memorial Army for The Girl, played a few games, put togehter some Black Box Grey Knight Terminators and attended a local tournament. The tournament was at Wonko's. They have a lot of new players at Wonko's and the atmosphere is a lot more laid back back than the competitive scene that I'm used to. Unfortunately, I arrived too late to play. But, was asked to help a few new players through their games. It was fun and a nice change of pace. While I was there, Goatboy, Mrs. Goatboy and Darkwynn stopped by to pick up on some old Grey Knight models. We talked about the Black Box models a bit and the new GK codex in general. A lot of people in the area are starting or going back to GK armies. It should be interesting.

  I've been extremely lucky the last couple of years. I played IG and SWs before and their new codexes have been killer. Now, I am wanting to do a new army and the GKs are calling. I'm thinking about doing a non-GK army(AKA Henchman build) that will incorporate the Praetorian theme. The conversion potential is enormous and I think this will be a fun army to build and paint. I need to spend some more time with the codex. Some units I am considering are Death Cult Assassins, Crusaders, Warriors, and Banishers mixed for assault and a mix of Psykers, Servitors, Joekero, and Warriors for shooting. I also love the Dread Knight but, am thinking of kitbashing it with a sentinel to give it a Praetorian driver. These are just initial thoughts and I plan on spending some time this week going over the codex to get a better idea of exactly what build I want to start with. Overall, I am excited with the idea of building a new army.

  How many of you are planning a GK build? What build are you going to use?

Y'all take care,...and
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Crosser Modelling said...

I'm going to hold myself back until I've finished at least some of my four other armies on the go! Hows that from restraint?

At some point in the future I think I'd love to build an all GK army or a no GK inquisition army. Knowing the way I am I'd probably end up just filling out the whole book in the end though! Looking forward to seeing some Praetorian Henchmen!

Xaereth said...

10x Death Cult Assassins + Rhino= 190 points. Pretty good price for their potential.

I kind of want to do an Assassin themed list- 3 Vindicares, 3 squads of DCA's (and Crusaders mixed in for some durability) combined with a few other Psycannon squads and some 'Psyfleman' Dreads.

Lots of potential in the new book, though of course first I want to get my Dark Eldar off the ground for the 2011-2012 tournament season :-p

Will you be at Adepticon?

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Unfortunately, just like last year, I started a new job. So, I can't take time off, yet.So sadly, no Adepticon for me. However, I will be at Wargamescon for the Team and championship tournaments.