Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 Tournaments in 2 weekends! 40K Ironman.

  Well, I played in two tournaments last weekend and am attending Astronomi-con in Dallas this weekend. I'm writing this while I'm waiting for my drop pod to dry. Lots of painting to do before Friday.

  Last Saturday, I attended a local 2000pt tournament at Wonko's Toys and Games. It was a blast, the Wonko's boys have stepped up there game a bit in the last year but the atmosphere was still nice and friendly. Game one I played  a chaos army and ended up with a massacre. Game two, was against Necrons and ended up with a minor win. Game three I got trounced by a Grey Knight army on table one.

  As I said it was a blast and I brought TWC,sky claws, 3 squads of GHs and one squad of LFs...oh and Scouts! I didn't end up placing but it was a great time. Thanks to Frank for running things and taking these pics.

  Sunday I played a mentor team event. My partner was my 13 year old son, we went 1-1-1 for the day. All of the young players received gift certificates. Thank you Dragon's Lair for another great event.

  This Friday a few of us are traveling north to Dallas for two days of hobby fun. I'm bringing the Wolves again with a nice new Forge World goodie. Speaking of...back to the painting table.

Now Go Roll Some Dice!!!

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