Monday, May 14, 2012

WARGAMESCON: Praetorian Apocalypse!!!!

  Hey Folks! WarGamesCon is just around the corner, June 22-24 here in Austin Tx. If there is interest, I would like to put together a Praetorian vs Ork Big Toof River Apocalypse game on Saturday evening the 23rd after the Saturday Tournament. So, I need all of my fellow Praetorian players to chime in if you can make it. It will only take a couple of us to make this happen but the more Pith helmets the merrier! So, please if you are interested email me or post here and let me know.

   Also, this year I will again be playing the III Praetorian Rifles in the giant WarGamesCon 2000 point Championship. I've been tweaking the list and I think it is ready for battle! I'll be painting all day today in preparation for next weeks Alamo 40K GT. That event is always a lot of fun. Then Railhead Rumble in Dallas in early June and the BIG event WarGamesCon in late June!!! Pith helmet madness indeed! I do love tournament season.


  I've got to get to painting.....later!!!

Now Go Roll Some Dice!!!