Monday, May 25, 2009

Crazy Red Praetorians

I thought I would start a blog to chronicle the building of my 40k Imperial Guard Army. I chose the OOP Praetorians. Why did I choose this particular army? Well, it started out as a joke. I had one squad of Praetorians in my first IG army. They were a big red target to most of my opponents. As a joke I started buying/trading for the hard to find Praetorians at every opportunity. This was years ago when most players didn't want metal models. Years later, all of my GW armies were stolen, except for the Praetorians that were in storage. I didn't play for 3 years.

Late last year(2008), my 10 year old son expressed a desire to play 40k. So, I broke out the old minis and started trying to get back into the swing of thing. I started painting and bought the 5th Ed. rule book. I was lucky enough to be in the 40k hot spot of Austin Tx. I have already played in a few tournaments....with partially painted minis.

I figured this blog would help motivate me to get some minis finished. I will post pics in the near future.

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