Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, today I had a 2000pt game against Tyranids. Things went pretty well, my opponent conceded at the top of turn 5. Here is the list that I used:

Col. Straken w/ 4x vets in carapace, 2x meltagun, 2x flamer, mounted in a Chimera(extra armor)

Lord Commisar w/ power fist
Ogyrn x 5 mounted in a Chimera(extra armor), Killed 10 genestealers and 3 warriors.

Leman Russ 3x heavy bolters (extra armor)

Demolisher lascannon, 2x plasma cannon, (extra armor)

Valkyrie hellfury rockets, multi-laser, heavy bolters
Veterans x10 meltagun, plasma rifle, grenade launcher, & demo charge. Sgt. w/ plasma pistol & power sword. I gave them Demo and Grenadier Doctines. Expensive squad that underperformed.

Command officer w/bolter, lascannon, 2x sniper rifles.

Squad 1 lascannon & grenade launcher.

Squad 2 missle launcher & plasma rifle.

Squad 3 autocannon & grenade launcher.

Heavy Weapons Squad 1 3x lascannon.

Heavy Weapon Squad 2 3x missle launcher.

Ratling Squad 1 5x ratlings

Ratling Squad 2 8x ratlings

Overall, I am happy with this list. However, I will be tweaking it further. The upside is there is a great deal of flexibility that no gunline has. The downside is that I miss the large gunline.

I did some painting today. Hopefully, I can get some pics taken tomorrow and get them posted.

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