Saturday, June 20, 2009


Have you ever just had a some really bad dice rolls? I mean, really bad dice. I have had quite a few games like that, lately. I'm not taking anything away from my opponents. I have played some truly top tier players in the last few weeks. But, 2000pts of IG shooting for 2 turns and killing 1 Killa Kan, 5 Boyz, and 6 Lootas. that is some horrific shooting. Try 2000pts of IG shooting at 2000pts of Dark shaken Raider........ONE!!!

How do you personally deal with bad dice? Some people buy new dice, some change colors, and I even knew one guy that kept a small sledge hammer in his car. If he had bad dice, it was HAMMERTIME! My old gaming group always got a kick out of watching him smash 36 dice on the sidewalk in front of my old store. I especially liked it because I knew he'd be buying more dice. Please, post about your own personal way of dealing with BAD DICE.......


CrusherJoe said...

Aaaaah, the dice curse, and how to break it.

I had a NASTY one a while back. I was using these old blue d6's that I used to use for D&D (yes, that old) and they did NOT like being used in 40K.

So I bought the Gale Force 9 dice set with dice box, figuring, "Hey, even if these dice SUCK I'll have a nice dice box." Well those GF9 dice are "logo" dice and I felt cheesy every time I rolled them. Not that rolled hot or anything, it's just that *I* had a hard time remembering if that damned logo was the 1 or the 6, and figured if I couldn't, my opponents couldn't, either, and that could open up a path to someone thinking I was being, those dice got retired.

I purchased a nice set of blue dice that match my army, and I've been happy ever since. Oh, sure, I have some other dice (got the GW dice "cube" after winning a DL doubles tournament with Nick) and I used them when I need to roll lots of dice. I also have a set of purple and gold dice that I use from time to time for the odd roll. On your average 40K table, what with it being textured and all, those "little" dice just don't seem to roll as well, and yet the more "regular" size one do. C'est le vie.

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