Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BoLScon 09!!! What A Blast!!!

What can be said about the first BoLScon? It was definitely a success. It was a party. It was the best 40K event I have ever attended. The event ran smooth, the players were gracious, even the ones I had disagreements with. It just goes to show that a competitive event doesn't have to be all about WAAC.
The Friday night Lucky 13 game was a great time. It was a little fast paced for me(not by much just a tad). But, I did deploy across the board and ended up fighting 2 armies with less than 3/4 of my forces. I died horribly and it was an absolute epic good time.

I got to bed Saturday morning about 3:30 am, but was back at BolScon by 7:30 am. Saturday was an absolute blast and I had better results than I expected. I didn't bring a real "HARD" army. I was trying to stay away from the "Mech IG" list. I really wanted to bring a gun line but, I didn't get the models done in time. I played against a Space Wolves, SM, a beautiful
IG Vostyran army, and an IG Mech army. I managed to come out on top every game and was the top Austin player going into the second day. I was shocked to say the least.

Saturday was another late night, I sat around talking to some other players and wisely avoided getting drunk. I met John Schaeffer from GW. He was really nice and had a few painting tips. It was early in the morning before I got to bed Sunday morning. My alarm went off waaaaay too early and it was time for day 3. The tournament started early Sunday and I played against a Mech Eldar, Blood Angels, and Mech SM. I managed to win 2 of the 3 games and ended up in 13th place overall. I didn't get max points in a single game. However, with the exception of the loss I scored consistently in the 30s. On game 6, I only scored 3 pts. I will always remember that Corbulo is NOT Fearless lol. A critical mistake on my part.
Overall, it was the most fun I have had in a long time. I will definitely be there next year. I hope to see a lot of you there, too. I can't recommend this event enough. Yes, it was that great! Below is a copy of my list. What do you think?

Command- Bolter, LC, 2x Sniper Rifle
Primaris Psyker
Command-Bolter, LC, 2x Sniper Rifle
Squad 1- AC, Sniper Rifle
Squad 2- HB, Sniper Rifle
Squad 3- Melta
HWS 1- 3x LC
HWS 2- 3x LC
Penal Legion
Vet Squad 1- Sgt w/pw & plasma pistol, 2x plasma, melta, demo
Vet Squad 2- Harker 3x melta, demo, Chimera
Ratlings x3
Ratlings x4
PBS x9, Chimera
Valkyrie- Multi rocket pods
Demolisher- LC, 2x PC
2 x Hydra


glflash00 said...

Glad everything went good and that you had a great time. Dev

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Thanks, brother. Next year you have GOT to make this event.

CrusherJoe said...


*kills self*

OK, sorry 'bout that, I just had to say something. Love the pics man, they look great.

How where are those banners??

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

That is a damn good King Lameass imitation. LOL.

I am putting the banners on this week. They should be on by Thursday. I've been working on the Space Wolves. Green Stuff is every where.

Adam Trike said...

Hey man, I was the Blood Angels player you played on the second day. I just looked (because you said Corbulo is NOT fearless) and... I just want to say sorry. I honestly thought that he was fearless, and the game would likely have gone rather differently if I had realized that. You were a great sport, and you were my favorite opponent the whole tourney, I just want to apologize for that, I should have known my own rules better.

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Hey Adam, no sweat man. It was an honest mistake. One I should have caught myself. I have been kicking myself for not knowing the rules better. The Cobulo is NOT Fearless line has been a personal joke lately. I won't make that mistake again. LOL. You live and you learn. I think we had a great game and it was alot of fun and that is what is important. I hope to see you next year.....or maybe at Adepticon.

Xaereth said...

Dude, when are you going to start updating this blog again? It's been over a year!

I have my own blog now, you should come check it out!


It was great seeing you again this weekend, hopefully next time you can actually play :)

(Oh yeah, this is Adam Tricola, in case you didn't recognize the avatar!)