Monday, October 5, 2009

Heavy Hobby?

Lately, it seems that this hobby has been really eating up my time. I have been playing a lot. 30 games in the last month including 2 Apoc games. Thursday is the night most of the 40K crowd converges on Battle Forge Games. It was indeed a full day of gaming. I played 3 200opt games and at midnight we decided to start a 12000 pt Apoc game (SM/IG/SM VS Orks/ Iron Warriors/Orks). We finished up around 4am. I'm sure it will affect the marital status of some that were involved. Thanks for staying open late, Brandon! Saturday, I played in a tournament. I was sick and it affected my playing but, I still had fun.

I have 2 more tournaments to play in this month. BFG's "hobby" tournament is this Saturday. I still need to "detune" my army a little. Then on the 24th there is a tournament about 70 miles from Austin. I attended one of their tournaments in the past and had an absolute blast. The owner runs a great tournament and it's always fun to play a new group of players.
Most of my paint time has been spent on the Space Wolves, lately. I still need to buckle down and get some more Praetorians painted. ..........So, many minis and so little time.
Happy Gaming!!!

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Col. Corbane said...

Good to hear you're getting stuck in mate.

I've added your blog to The Parade Ground bloglist.