Sunday, March 21, 2010


My plan was to go to Adepticon this year. However, life does happen. Last week, I was hired to work at Dell computers. So, my dreams of conquest at Adepticon will have to be postponed while I pursue finacial security. I was really looking forward to the trip as there are atleast 20 locals going to the event. I'd like to wish my teammates and all the other Minions/BoLS players much good fortune in all the events. I hope y'all kick ass and have fun.

Even though, I won't be able to attend, I will be there in spirit and 2 of my armies will be there, as well. The III Praetorian Rifles and my Space Wolf armies will both be used in the team tournament. So, if you're at Adepticon and happen to see my armies and have any questions or comments about conversions, feel free to leave a comment here on my blog.
I have played quite a few tournaments lately. That is partly to blame for me not writing a blog for a while. One tournament in particular was a real downer due to some flat out cheating. It really left a bad taste in my mouth. In my world 22 is always more than 18 but, I will write more on this later. Despite the one bad tournament I have been involved in a some really good tournaments, lately.

We had a 2500pt Hobby tournament that was fun, I was able to use 2 squads of Ogryn, a 1250pt Super Hobby tournament that was an absolute blast, A 2500pt Hobby Team tournament, my partner and I went to table 1 for the last game and got beat by Jwolf and Goatboy, and a 2000pt Heavy tournament that was pretty intense. I got to table 3 in that one but, pulled a draw against Colby Anger(BoLScon 2009 best general) and got knocked out of placing. The turnouts at BFG have been really outstanding lately(30+) and one tournament they actually had to turn a player away. Also, I have been playing in an escalation league. We are up to 1250pt, so far. The Space Wolves are coming along and I look forward to getting the whole army done.

If you're going to Adepticon, have fun. If not, are you planning to be at any other GT level event? Hopefully, I'll see you at BoLScon 2010!

Now, get out there and roll some dice!


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Col. Thorne said...

Hey CRP,

I really like the looks of your army - It is looking sweet. Keep up the great work. I totally get the whole 'wage-slave' / 'financial security' thing, but I hope you get back to kickin' arse at the Tournaments real soon. Good Luck.