Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, since my last blog, I have played in three tournaments. For those of you wondering, I did make my deadline for the tournament in Killeen. I am extremely happy with my display board. It is light and a compact enough not to cause problems in cramped quarters, a major problem with my last display board. I'll get some pics up soon. Unfortunately, I am under another deadline. How the hell does this keep happening?

Tomorrow, there is a Heavy tournament at Battle Forge Games, the local hot spot for 40K. The best in Austin will be bringing there hardest lists to fight it out for the plastic. I have decided to run a different list and I have to assemble and paint a Chimera, it's still on the sprue...and yes, ANOTHER Chimera! I also, need to get three gun servitors painted and possibly three special weapons troopers. I'm still not sure about the last three. I have about twenty-one hours to get this done....if I don't sleep....and I'm writing this blog....AWESOME!

The Killeen tournament didn't go too well for me, I got 2 minor wins and a draw and ended up in 6th. However, I did get the highest appearance scores and my buddies got 1st, best sportsman, and tied for best best sportman(tie breaker was victory points). The first week in January, I played in a team tournament at Dragon's Lair in Austin. It was a random pairs tournament, 1500pts per player. It turns out that there were 5 teams and 4 of those teams had newbies, newbie with Necrons and Tau. My newbie was a young man with a Necron list. We managed to get third place and took home some swag. It was alot fun. Last weekend, a buddy of mine and I went to San Antonio to play in a tournament there. The system for pairings was a little different. I'm still trying to figure out how the guy that won was able to pick his tables for the last two games and he played the guy in 8th place for the final game..........strange. Ah well, it was fun and I had three great games, finished just out of the prizes though.
I've got to go paint, paint, paint. Have fun and...
Go roll some dice!


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