Monday, August 2, 2010


I didn't get to roll a single damn die at WarGamesCon. My plan to be there for open gaming fell through due to a schedule change at work. I did get to stop by on Sunday to meet a few people, including Brent from Strictly Average and Tasty Taste from Blood of Kittens. I also ran into some opponents from last year, it was good to see them again. I really wish I could have competed but it just wasn't in the cards.

A couple of my teamates and regular opponents did pretty well, coming up just a tad short.
Finishing just short of the prizes is quite a disappointment, I know it happened to me last year. You'll get the win next time guys.
WarGamesCon appeared to be an even bigger success than last year and I am looking forward to being there ALL weekend next year. Congratulations Jwolf and crew, y'all did an awesome job.
I've got to get ready for work.....crap!!!
Go Roll Some Dice!!!

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