Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tragedy and the Birth of a Man Cave

The Austin gaming community suffered a terrible loss this month. Our local hardcore gaming store has closed, leaving many in the Austin gaming community with a hard choice.....Where do we play? Luckily, there are other stores in the area that have game space and are trying to accomodate the community. However, these stores are diverse in their product and so attract a different crowd. No that is annoying. Hobby over Heavy.......can't we have both? This also leaves us with less tournaments per month. We will miss you Battle Forge Games......R.I.P.

Yesterday, I went to my teammate Cheeseburger Josh's house for a day of shit talking, ballbusting, and terrain building. It was a manly day of epic proportions. Josh banished his wife and kids to the bedrooms so that we could have the kitchen for a day of terrain construction. We talked 40K, drank gallons of Mountain Dew Throwback(with real sugar!!!) and ate a couple of tons of Taco Bell....Oh, and talked a bunch of shit at each other. It's amazing how brutal the insults can get with 5 guys in the same room.

The reason for the terrain building day was Josh now has his own man cave! It is not attached to the house and has room for two 4x6 tables. We did get in one 2000pt game and the setup worked really well. We have decided to play at his place a few nights a month. That way we can cuss and trash talk as much as we want without offending the soccer moms, D&D players and dirty card flippers....and we will still make appearances at the local shops to get fresh opponents and play tournaments.

I'll get some pictures of the terrain next week....and maybe even a battle report.

Go roll Some Dice.



ColKillgore said...

I feel your pain. All the Shops in Winston Salem and Greensboro NC closed down in about a one year period and the gaming community took a big hit. The only gaming shop left in an forty mile radius of me is a Hobbytown USA with a limited gaming supplies. The bright side is the Local Gaming club has opened a gaming space in a warehouse. They open usually twice a month and have semi-regular tournaments.

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Wow, that really sucks. I guess I should be grateful that we have other options here. we still have two stores with in store play and a third that stocks GW.

Frank said...

Sounds like a sweet setup. With Battleforge gone, I'm going to dust off my gaming table and dig up the old terrain I haven't used in the last couple of years.