Monday, April 25, 2011

The Henchmen Build Continues

Thanks to Real Genius for the photo.

I have to admit, I have been bitten by the "New Codex" bug. Lately, all of my hobby efforts have been going into the Grey Knightless army. I have just had a ton of fun with these models. I'm working on a second DK, stormbolter equipped "Praetorians"(Cadians w/ Secret Weapon heads sculpted by the one and only Col. Gravis.) Also, I have went the "counts-as" route for Death Cult Assassins, I'm using slightly modified Wyches and I am converting Arco Flagellants using Ghouls. Saturday, I got a little distracted from the Henchmen when I started what I hope will be a cool conversion for my Tech Marine.

  On the tournament front, I have a team event to play in the first weekend of the month and the Alamo GT is next month as well....and possibly another tourney as well. So, May looks like a busy month. Y'all take care!

Go Roll Some Dice!!!

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Foss1066 said...

You know, I keep coming back to your blog for inspiration, and this piece is key to that. Awesome work, thanks very much