Saturday, May 21, 2011

Akamo 40K GT and local Team Event

   Two weeks ago, I played in a team tournament with my pal CrusherJoe. We teamed 1500 pts of IG with 1500 pts of Grey Knights. We didn't win but we had a great time with three great games. We went 1-1-1 for the day. CrusherJoe and I are also teaming up for BoLScon....I mean WarGamesCon this year. I am really looking forward to that event. I do love me some team events!

  Last weekend, I made the trip south to San Antonio with StoneyChavez(Thanks for driving, man), Splug, Caldera02, and Cheeseburger. We left Friday so that we could get registered early and get some sleep before the tournament. The Alamo 40K GT was a blast! There was a great turn out with over 60 participants and BEER!

  Game One, I played Brad with his Eldar and ended up taking a loss right out of the gate. Brad has a great looking Eldar force and I just could not damage his skimmers...and when I would, he made his saving throws.

  Game Two was against John and his Dark Eldar. I went first, and John failed to steal the initiative, my dice were hot and a lot of vehicles went down. The drinking started and I got the win.

  Game Three was against Kevin and his Necron Destroyer list. He deployed in one corner and shot me the first turn, turn two all of my reserves came in outflanking and with help from the Astropath they all came in on the right side. The Necrons took a lot of losses in turn two and from there it was pretty much just a count down to phase out. Kevin fought a good fight and tried to stay in the fight but the odds were against him .

End of day one: I had three great games with equally great opponents. 2-1

  Game Four, against JWolf's IG. Crap! I made some deployment errors and when you play the Wolf mistakes will not be tolerated...He smoked me. Although, until the end I had a slim chance to make it draw. Rolling ones on terrain tests is a BAD thing.

Game Five was against another Austin player Bushido Red Panda. He was playing his Deathwing list and it is hard as nails. We had a great game but in the end I just could not kill enough termies.

End of day two: I had two more great games. I made it through a GT without running into "that guy". The Alamo 40K GT was a ton of fun and I plan on returning next year. 2-3

   I did get to witness the drama on table one. I am staying out that discussion. However, I will say that the Raiders as Venoms was complete bullshit. Eveyone that I play against that has Venoms in their army has expended great time, expense, and effort to convert their venoms to something approximating the description in the DE codex. You would think a veteran GT player would do the same.

Y'all take care!

Go Roll Some Dice!!!


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