Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Killeen 1750pt Hobby Tournament. "Hobby" Done Right!

  Last month was a full month. The first weekend was the tournament at Dragon's Lair, finished 6th with a Space Wolf  foot list(only one Long Fang Squad). I played Stoney Chavez's RazorBurn list and missed a draw by two inches. Stoney ended up winning the Overall. However, I did get Best Appearance and I was pretty stoked about that.

  We went to The Raihead Rumble at A-Kon in Dallas, it was put on by the Heroic28s. It was a fun event and was a people watching experience. It was fun but my results weren't, I went 1-3 day one and 1-1-1 day two. I had hoped to do better, my list was just not prepared for the mass firepower that I encountered....and my dice didn't help. It was comical, really. But, a good time was had and I plan on attending next year.

  We had a BBQ/WarGamesTerrain Day at Darkwynn's and built a bunch of hills and did a lot of dry brushing. Some of the guys got a game in but I was busy painting. It was a fun productive day and I had fun calling Goatboy(he hates it. So, if you see him call him Darkwynn,) Darkwynn all day.

  Finally, we went to Battlefield Games in Killeen for a 1750pt Hobby Tournament. Thay had a cool "comp" system that eliminated a lot of BS. Sure, there were some loop holes but it is the best system I have seen recently. The above video was shot on our trip home. Please, forgive my spotty dialogue, I was too tired to talk....Really. If y'all are ever in Killeen stop into Battlefield and say Hi to Will and Dee, the owner. They are really good people and run a great store. Below is a copy of the Comp Guidelines.

Remember these will only effect your comp score, NOT make your list illegal.

Armies begin with 30 points. Deduct points as explained (round all percentages up).

Troops – At least 35% of the army must be composed of units taken as troops. For every 2% less than 35%, deduct 1 point.

Non-Troops – No more than 25% in any single category other than troops. For every 1% more than 25%, deduct 1 point.

Pricey Bits – No single model more than 12%, no units more than 23%. For every unit in violation, deduct 3 points. Tyranids receive 1 exemption.

Duplication – No more than 2 of any single choice in HQ, Elite, Fast, or Heavy. No more than 3 of any single choice in Troops. Necrons and Sisters of Battle ignore this rule with their current codices. For each violation, deduct 3 points.

Special Characters – No more than one special character. For each violation deduct 30 points.

Army List – Army list must list each units war gear/upgrades along with costs (separated from total unit cost), number of units per selection, total number of models, and a breakdown of points and choices by selection as well as choices and points spent per category. Five copies of the army list are needed for the tournament – 1 for the judges, 3 for your opponents, and one for yourself. Players that ask for copies to be printed at the store prior to the tournament will receive -5 points.

Model Count – Divide the tournament points by 15. Any army that exceeds this value will receive -1 point per every 10 models (round up).

What do y'all think?
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