Saturday, October 29, 2011

Necron Monolith.....New Ability. Deadlier Than Ever?

 I was just looking through the info on GWs website on the first wave of Necron releases. My son plays Necrons and we are planning some purchases to update his army. Anyway, I noticed this tidbit of info that I haven't seen any mention of before. The last sentence inparticular is what I'm referring to.

     The Monolith has long been a much-feared opponent, and now it's deadlier than ever. Whilst it's tempting to deploy the Monolith at the start of the game, it's almost always wiser to keep it in reserve - that way you can Deep Strike it onto an enemy-held objective. Once the Monolith has scoured the foe from the immediate area (try and eliminate melta weapons first - they can be a real problem) you can then use its eternity gate to teleport in a suitable scoring unit and take the objective for yourself. When the enemy counter attacks, simply switch the eternity gate into its portal of exile mode, and suck the primitives to their doom!

   This could be interesting...

Go Roll Some Dice!!!

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PalinMoonstride said...

I never even thought of doing that with the new monolith rules. That's just plain nasty.