Friday, March 16, 2012

Adepticon: Tickets Are Bought, Flight and Room Are Booked!!!

   Well, I just booked the flight to Chicago. Awesome. It looks like I will finally get to Adepticon. I'm playing in the Team event with BigRed, CrusherJoe, and Splug. It should be epic! I'll also, be playing in the GT. This is the third year that I have tried to go and it looks like the third time is the charm. The best part about it is my son is coming with me. He is super excited and looks forward to playing in the Young Bloods event. Its also his first time flying in an airplane.
   I'll be playing Space Wolves, the damned IG are just too hard to transport. I think, I've got  a fun and different list put together. I need a break from work and this is going to be FUN!
 Maybe Lone Star Man will fly in, too. You never know.  I gotta go paint!

Go Roll Some Dice!!!


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Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Stop by the Special Operations: Killzone on Friday and/or Sunday if you can or find my team "The Justice League" on Saturday and say Hi!