Friday, July 3, 2009


Last night I went up to Battleforge Games( 20% off all GW products!!!) and played a few games. Talk about two totally different games. The first game I played a shooty IG list @ 1500pts. My opponent was a new player. He was playing SM. The game started and I tried to hold back but, it was one of those games where I was hitting everything and he was rolling the "bad dice from hell". The game ended in turn 4.
I backed this up with a practice game for Ard Boyz. Once again I played against SM. This was a totally different game. Drop pods with Lysander, CC Termies, and melta equiped SM, were in my lines on turn 1. It was pretty brutal. Turn 3 I called it. I could still do damage but, it was apparent that it was a losing battle, and it was close to closing time. I have no doubt that I would have been tabled. But, I learned a lesson about deployment and the level of the lists that will be on the tables at Ard Boyz. This should be fun.
How are you preparing for Ard Boyz?

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