Tuesday, July 28, 2009


All the major pieces got a primer coat. I primed the search light black because it wasn't getting any red surfaces. The guns normally would have gotten sprayed black. But, the sensor arrays have red covers. I hate painting red over black!
Everything after the first base coat. For red, I usually do 3-5 thinned coats of red.

Here the rough details are done. Now they get a thinned wash of black ink....Yes, I still use the old inks.

Another view before ink and details.

The finished turret.

Another view....one of these days I'm going to get a grown up camera.LOL

Finished and sitting on its' new home.

Side view.

I think I'm going to build 4 of these. I'm very tempted to run 2 squadrons. I normally don't run squadrons but.........I am thinking about it. It's a lot of fire power for very little points cost.

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